Top Five Time-Saving Hacks for Content Creation

Creating quality and credible content is time-consuming and takes lots of brainpower. There are many steps involved, including planning, research, writing, editing, revisions, and the list goes on.

However, as a busy business owner who has a ton of responsibilities, content creation might seem like a costly and daunting process.

The good news is, there’s a way to optimize the content creation process without sacrificing quality or investing a large chunk of your time.

Here are the top five time-saving hacks for content creation so you can embark on other important tasks of running your business:

Plan Your Content

By failing to plan, you’re planning to fail. So, how do you ensure that you’re creating high-quality content regularly?

The best content marketers plan, create and schedule their content in advance. Create an editorial calendar and have your ideas planned and documented ahead of time to avoid scrambling around every time you try to create new content.

Make a plan and stick to it. Set aside a few hours each month to plan your content approach for the following month, then set a cadence for your content. Releasing content consistently is the best way to build an audience.

There are hundreds of content marketing tools designed to help marketers schedule their content. Some are free or cheap, and others are expensive, but they serve different purposes, from content ideation to production to promotion, optimization, and more.

If you find it hard to come up with new content ideas, these tips will help you to overcome writer’s block.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Creating less content is a simple way to save time on content creation. Instead of having loads of content that doesn’t add value to your audience, take a quality over quantity approach.

For instance, let’s say you or your team member has four hours a week dedicated to content creation. It would be better to create a well-researched, insightful, and engaging blog post that gives value to your readers rather than struggling to create everyday posts that are flimsy and generalized.

You can try writing fewer, longer-form content pieces. These pieces take longer to produce but provide your audience with much more value and have an immense impact on authority.

Re-Purpose Existing Content

If your efforts of creating new content aren’t working, it’s okay to reuse content. Also, it may be impossible for all your audience to see everything you publish because of how algorithms work. So, repurposing some older content by rewording the copy or using different graphics is a great way to reiterate a message without being too repetitive.

According to Ductape Marketing, refreshing existing content can increase your traffic by 300%. Some topics will never go out of style but may need regular updating as the details change.

To get better results from repurposing content, take a well-performing piece of content and repurpose it for another platform. For example, you can pick a successful article and turn it into a YouTube video or a podcast.

Find Guest Content Creators

Sometimes business owners find it hard to keep up with the pace of creating content regularly. You may be traveling, launching a new product, or just held up with business responsibilities that take up much of your time. In such a situation, a guest poster can come in handy.

Whatever content you want to publish, find a guest poster who is relevant to your industry. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership where your business gets exposed to your guests’ audience and vice versa. You can let the guests promote their business on your site or offer to create a guest post for them in the future.

Outsource Content Creation Services

If your business is not big enough to build a marketing department and you find it challenging to handle marketing on your own, you might consider outsourcing some or all of your content creation.

Outsourcing allows you to enjoy professional content creation services without having to worry about investing in a permanent team. Also, it’s great to rely on subject matter experts to bring their skills to the table where you might not feel like a professional.

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