How to Come Up with Content Ideas That Work

Quality content attracts readers to your page and, when it is generated regularly, ensures that there is traffic on your web pages. However, getting fresh ideas to create content periodically does not happen automatically.

You must be well prepared for you to be ahead of your competitors. Read on to find out several ways you can use to develop content ideas for your audience. 

Use Google Search Suggestions

Search engines are the best platforms for you to derive content ideas. The suggestions you get on search engines are what clients are looking for.

You will find frequently researched topics and asked questions, which can form the most relevant topics for your audience. If you have a general idea of what you wish to write about, search it on Google or YouTube and use the suggestions to come up with a precise idea.

Gather Ideas from Competitors Websites

Your competitor’s blog section can give you numerous ideas on what to publish on your page. Generate ideas from the titles and topics they write about, and then create your customized content. You will be at an advantage since you can make better content than what they already have.

Review Your Previous Blog Comments

Your audience communicates through the comments they make. Make it a habit to read through the comments and find out what your readers need to see from your content most.

This is an excellent way for you to gather new ideas. Readers often leave intelligent points in the comments, which could inspire ideas for your future blogs. The questions they ask are also content ideas. 

Revisit Old Blogs

Old blogs can give you content ideas. Some of them are outdated so rewriting them with a better perspective gives a fresh feel to the content. You can also tell the readers’ interest based on the most engaging blogs from your previous work. 

Use Social Media Data Analytics

Data from all your social media platforms can help come up with content ideas. Your social media analytics can tell you what’s working and what’s not. Check your top-performing posts and recreate them.

Facebook and Instagram offer these analytics and insights when you have a business account. Check the engagement and the posts with the highest reach and get ideas for content to create. 

Audit Your Audience

Another way of coming up with content ideas is by asking questions to your audience. Get to know from them what they wish to see you publish.

You can pass these questions to them through polls, emails, or through one on ones. You can also find out more about them and know what they are into or what they are struggling with regarding your field of content creation. This way, you will get several ideas on what kind of content you should create. 

Sign Up for Newsletters

Newsletters keep you up to date with trending news, topics, and events. Sign up for industry newsletters to have content ideas delivered directly to your inbox.

You can also sign up for competitor newsletters to see what topics they discuss with their partners, and use these topics to generate new content ideas.

Are you stuck on the content ideas to use for your next post? Contact Writers Horizon today to learn how we can help.  


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