How to Come Up with Content Ideas That Work

Quality content attracts readers to your page and, when it is generated regularly, ensures that there is traffic on your web pages. However, getting fresh ideas to create content periodically does not happen automatically. You must be well prepared for you to be ahead of your competitors. Read on to find out several ways you can use to develop content Read More

Why You Should Hire a Freelance Writer

An average visitor to your web page has time to read at most 28% of the copy. For instance, in a 600-word blog post, an average reader will pay attention to around 168 words. So, how do you provide your visitors with the information that they need? Think of the seven seconds test. Can your website visitor evaluate your website content in Read More

How to Beat Your Competition with Content Marketing


Today, the landscape of content marketing has become more competitive, and every brand needs an edge over its competitors to survive. Small businesses need an edge to thrive in the current competitive market, while large established brands need it to maintain the competitive advantage and continue to win new businesses.  Having excellent products and exceptional customer services are just not Read More